Wk 1-Artist Interview-Andrea Marie Breiling

Though I did not have the pleasure of meeting the artist of the paintings I saw this week, I was very intrigued by her work. My attention was drawn to the painting at first by its sheer size. It dwarfed the pieces surrounding it. After being drawn in however, I was confused as to what I was looking at. I began looking at parts of the painting for some sort of hidden image to appear. There was none. I drew several conclusions based on the shapes I saw as to what direction to start guessing. It wasn’t until stepping back that I began to view the painting as a whole. The more I stared into this wall of color, images of lively cities and speeding cars came to mind. The streaks of bright horizontal colors hinted to taillights of passing cars on dark city nights. The traffic was set in front of a wide, but tall building. 

The view of the city brought forth cold feelings. The convoluted view of an every-day location gave me mixed emotions. I was at home in the city but the view was obviously obstructed and had a distinctly dark color scheme. This gave the vision more of a ominous atmosphere. As if something was going wrong. 

As I continued my analysis, I noticed the purposeful layering incorporated into the painting. The image was made up of a varied arrangement of carefully placed shapes and colors. Each piece that made up the painting overlapped, connected, or added to another. Furthermore, many different forms of paint and techniques were utilized. The most intriguing uses, I found, were the mixtures of thick caked-on paint and the lighter, loosely defined spray paint streaks. I noticed also that the canvas itself looked like a battle zone. there were clear scars left by box cutters, scissors, etc. It was obvious that the artist had taken time to intricately layer each aspect of the work to bring a sort of chronological “depth” to the 2-dimensional surface by showing its creation. 

By reading the artist’s information, I found that the focus of the work was to show the interplay of these layers in the painting and to show the progression of the piece. I found this concept to be well-represented and fascinating.