Wk 1-Classmate Interview-Amir Kiani

For my classmate interview, I chose a member of the class who I already knew, but had not gotten to know very much in depth. After having interviewed Amir, I did not regret this choice. To begin, Amir is a junior at CSULB but lives in Downey. He is an only child but maintains a close relationship with a cousin who he referred to as being “like a brother.”

Amir is currently majoring in computer science, but unfortunately doesn’t like it most of the time. Although well-aware of the benefits of a degree in computer science, Amir has his issues with the choice. His feelings were ones I could personally relate to since I have my doubts about my major as well. 

As the interview continued, we found that we share the same problem with our majors: we both live for music. Amir is not only a gifted science student, but a passionate and talented pianist. As we shifted to the subject, I could see Amir’s eyes light up as he spoke at length about his music. Having been a student of music for many years, Amir learned to play guitar and piano, but more recently has begun focusing solely on piano. Using software from his computer, Amir uses a keyboard to create elaborate electronic and hip-hop influenced music. He explained that this is how he uses much of his free time from school and friends. When asked about his influences, Amir proceeded to list a varied collection of artists ranging from modern EDM DJs, and hip-hop artists to classic and modern jazz influences. It was easy to see that Amir has a passion for music, much like myself, and I felt his pain in not being able to fully devote himself to it because of our other obligations. 

Overall, I enjoyed getting to know more about Amir and we remain good friends. 



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