Week 2-Activity-Instagram

This week, I got a chance to look inside little windows of the lives of my classmates. Most of these people, I have never even met before. This was an odd and challenging experience. I didn’t know what to expect going into this project. My classmates seemed like such a mix of diverse people who could potentially each be more different than their appearances already made them out to be. For my own pictures to post, i wanted them to represent me accurately to those who would see (as if someone would actually go though the effort of linking my photos together in any way). Ultimately the pictures just each told a small piece of my day. Even though each told a small bit about me, I found that my pictures could not have possibly told enough about me to give anyone an accurate portrayal of who I am. 

As I looked over the photos of my classmates however, I found that the pictures did still offer value in looking into the life of another. I looked over the little glimpses of my fellow students’ profiles and found that there was definitely a connecting factor between them. We all looked like we could just be friends. Among the diversity that was shown in the pictures, a sense of belonging was extended to all the pictures. They all seemed to belong in the list BECAUSE they were all so different. It seemed to reflect the hectic life of a college student. One moment you see a selfie of the outfit for the day, followed by a shot of friends, a bit of school work, and another of a delicious lunch. The pictures showed a glimpse into the world of our generation and community. Always on the move, always changing, and wildly diverse. 

To summarize the experience, seeing the hashtag for our project put things in perspective more than anything. I saw my life as a small set of tiles on a much bigger picture. I have my own interest and likes, but, as different as i am, I still can fit comfortably into the community of peers I am in while adding to its beauty. 


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