Week 2-Artist Interview-Nichole SpecialeI

This week on a trip to the art gallery, I was drawn in by the work of a particular artist named Nichole Speciale. Her work was intriguing in design and execution. The work I focused on was a piece named (Stereo)(If You Wish to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch). The piece was made on a plain white canvas using stereo wire to make two swirling circle designs fusing together in the center. From the canvas there was a single wire coming out of the piece and into a speaker. 

 I found this particular piece interesting because of its fascinating medium. I had never seen speaker wire used in a piece of art before. Using the wire gave the piece a very striking golden shine that attracted the eye. Another interesting feature of the artwork was the intricate weaving done between the two main circular designs of the piece. From a distance, the fused area of the circles looks very oddly textured in a way that few (if any) other mediums could have captured. 

To further the intricacy of the piece, there was also an attached speaker coming from the bottom of the canvas. From this speaker, there was a quiet drone. The drone was very calming to the point of almost being trance inducing as one analyzes the piece. This feature of the piece  was actually my favorite. I loved the mixing of visual and audio mediums in the piece to achieve one central piece. 

As to what the piece actually represented, I am unfortunately still at a loss. Although this piece sparked my imagination and drew me in, I did not pull out a clear meaning behind it. I could tell however that the piece was well-thought out and innovative. 


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