Week 2-Classmate Interview-Anthony Diaz

This week in Art 110, I interviewed fellow classmate/soulbrother Anthony Diaz (or as he’s more commonly known, simply “Diaz”). Diaz was an interesting interview for me because I happen to already know a great deal about him. For this interview however, I tried to go deeper in depth with diaz and find out things I did not know. To begin, Diaz told about his current major at CSULB. Anthony is currently a computer science major. From a young age, Diaz had been interested in computers. Now finally learning more about programming, he is fascinated and challenged by his courses. However, Diaz’ true passion (much like my own) lies in playing music.

Diaz is a multi-instrumentalist music fanatic and writes most of the material for our psychedelic rock band. Although a bass player in the band, Diaz is a skilled guitarist and is teaching himself 3 new instruments (piano, drums, cello). In addition to being a musician, Diaz is an avid music listener; often listening to obscure and experimental genres as well as popular music from all musical areas and times.

When asked about a major influence on his early musical development, Diaz (after a long and pensive pause) offered the answer of Daft Punk. From a young age, Diaz was mostly exposed to a mostly classic rock music selection. He explained that hearing a type of music made electronically was a huge revelation to him that allowed him to open up his mind to how many different ways there were to make music. The concept of making music became more free-formed from this point.

After sparking my interest in his influences, I asked Diaz what he was currently listening to. He came back with one of his current favorite artists. The first was a band called Absolutely Free. As the name would imply, the band is an almost free-form musical group drawing inspiration from psycedelic, drone, pop, and hip-hop genres. When asked about why he liked the band Diaz talked about how the band can take a simple concept or riff and masterfully built upon and layer it to make it sound completely different in context. 

Another passion of diaz’ away from music is his love of art. Diaz’ drawing style is mainly psychedelic pencil sketches taking different basic shapes and objects and layering them into complex drawings that often play on optical illusions. Personally I find his art to be like looking at a beautiful puzzle. Diaz has been drawing since early in high school. He explained that his beginning motivation to draw came from a lack of focus during classes which carried into college. He does not regret it however considering that he has found drawing to be a satisfying creative outlet and very therapeutic.


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