Wk 3- Classmate Interview- Marlyn Castillo

This week in art 110, I had the opportunity to meet a new classmate named Marlyn Castillo. Marlyn is a sophomore student  from Los Angeles who is majoring in social work here at CSULZB. After mentioning her major, I asked Marlyn about why she chose social work as a major. She told me it was a passion of hers because where she comes from, child abuse is too common and she would like to help some children who are stuck in that situation. I felt a connection here with Marlyn because I decided to become a psychology major for much of the same reason.

Marlyn currently works at a store selling shoes. She says she enjoys her work. When asked about how she spent her free time, Marlyn said she didn’t have any hobbies in particular, but she used to play soccer very regularly in high school and in a team outside of school. When the subject of family was mentioned, Marlyn told me she had a close family life and that she had 3 sisters. I shared my own list of siblings and we found we both felt we came from large and close families.

When asked about the art we had been viewing at the galleries that day, Marlyn talked about her favortie artist from that week, Christopher Vavrek. The art featured in the gallery was an elaborate arrangement of out-dated technologies all combined into strange sculptures and presented in creative ways. Marlyn said entering the gallery for her was like walking into a computer-based horror movie, which I could only agree with. Overall, she said the gallery had been her favorite she had seen since class had started.


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