Wk 4- Artist Interview- Maccabee Shelley

This week was by far my favorite round of art shows at CSULB. I connected with the group of art work and the artists in a much deeper way this week. I was fascinated by each of  the exhibits that I saw and the more I spent on each, the more meaning I found.

One artist in particular who stood out to me was Maccabee Shelley. Maccabee was originally from Los Angeles but moved to San Francisco where he really started as an artist at around the age of 20. Something that really inspired me about Maccabee was that he had started on art later in life than most and how he developed his style and perfected his craft through hard work and dedication.

When asked why he choose glass as a medium, he explained that glass was a very powerful material in his eyes. Historically it was a very sought-after and valued item, but in modern times glass has essentially become waste after we’re done drinking from it. The material was just so close to us all that it inspired him. In addition to cultural placement, glass is fascinating as a material. Maccabee explained that it gave him the ability express himself so precisely due to its versatility. Glass could be made into any shape, size, or texture he desired. It could be smooth, sharp, fragile, strong and everything in between. He also talked about how interesting it was that such a fragile material has such durability in respect to time. Glass lasts through the ages but is so easily shattered.

I found common ground with Maccabee on his infatuation with glass. I had always been very interested in plastic for much of the same reason that he chose glass. Plasticity has always been something I looked to emulate in my music in order to better express what I wished. this works in the same way glass has been utilized in his art. photo


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