Wk 4- Plaster Casting

Sooooo this week in Art 110, we had a great project i really enjoyed ! For this activity, me and three friends from class got a reason to go to Redondo Beach for a while and plaster cast our body parts in the sand. When first getting to the Redondo Beach Pier, we had the best time trying to find each other and some of us (Diaz & Michelle) didn’t quite get their parking situation sorted out right away.

However, we eventually all met up and had our parking sorted out. After a quick stop at the pier’s gelato shop, we were off to pick a spot. We found a spot that didn’t have to many people around because lets face it, its nicer having a beach to yourself! The weather was lovely with a nice overcast sky keeping the beach cool and shady as we dug our holes. Each of us spent some time picking out what hand gestures to make in our moldings (although they all came out basically looking the same). After each mold was made we went through the easy process of mixing the mold…..although we made it difficult by having no measuring container, or mixing stick. Finally after some quick thinking and repeatedly adjusting our mix, we were done and it was time to wait. We spent our time on the beach telling jokes, funny stories and planning out our fun activities for the rest of the day. When the time came for each of us to dig out our molds, we each took the time for the photo-op and enjoyed our new creations. I spent the rest of the day with Diaz taking hikes through Palos Verdes. Overall, real good day.






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