Wk 4- Classmate Interview- Quynh Ong

I interviewed a pretty interesting girl this week. Her name was Quynh Ong (gotta love the name right?!) and I just randomly picked her because she looked like someone approachable. After I explained to the soft-spoken Quynh that I needed someone to interview while trying to not sound creepy, she politely accepted and I proceeded with a few starter questions.

Quynh is a freshman student majoring in film here at CSULB. She has a few hobbies but she mentioned hiking in random spots around LA. That was very fascinating to me because I spend much of my own time exploring hiking spots around my own town and surrounding areas. When asked about her musical interests, Quynh said she mostly listened to alternative rock which, fortunately was very similar to what I listened to. In explaining to her what my musical interests are, we found out that we both played a guitar for about the same number of years. I always love meeting other musicians so this was welcomed news.

Eventually the conversation drifted back to the gallery shows at hand and I asked Quynh what she thought of the gallery we were interviewing near (this was one that I had not particularly cared for). Quynh told me that she actually really enjoyed the gallery which consisted of what looked like old clothes tattered, dirtied, and stuck to a canvas and then spray painted.  She said the work brought up feelings of nostalgia in her and when looking at the pieces with that in mind, I began to understand it a bit more. I thank her for that.




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