Week 6- Artist Interview- Angel G. Franco

This week I interviewed an artist at the gallery named Angel. This gallery was a very interesting one filled with amazingly detailed sculptures ranging from distorted faces, to a corpse in snow, to a goat! I was very impressed with the precision that was displayed in each of the pieces. I doubted that they were done by hand, and was very curious to find out how they were created. I found my answers when I interviewed Angel Franco. Although the pieces were done by many artists, Angel was the only artist present at the gallery. He shared that most of the sculptures were done with a 3D digital imaging program that carved huge pieces of Styrofoam into their desired shape. The piece in particular that he had worked on was an imaging of his face that he had distorted on the computer. This sculpture was very interesting to look at because i have never seen a distortion of a person’s face in that style shown in real life instead of on a screen. I found the possibilities of this type of program to be very exciting. The level of precision in the sculptures was amazing and not something really possible by hand. I was very impressed with the works over-all and I will continue looking for new digitally created forms of art.  francoulloamartin

image (6)


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