Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Michelle “The Death” Morte

This week for Art 110 I interviewed Michelle “The Death” Morte. I have been friends with Michelle since high school. I chose to use this opportunity to get to know her a bit better. Michelle is a film major at CSULB who is currently not pregnant (she said that and O.K.ed it to be in the article). Hahaha Michelle fills her free time mostly by watching tv and movies. Her love of watching movies grew into a passion for film. Upon starting college, Michelle had wanted to study film, but when facing pressure from her parents, decided to change several times through her years at CSULB. Michelle’s dream is to start her own full-service production company. This would involve filming, editing, producing, scoring, etc.

Michelle is from Torrance and is the only child in her family. She says she doesn’t end up missing having siblings much because she lives in a close-knit family with her cousins. By being an only child, she also gets the freedom of being able to have her own space. In her spare time, Michelle likes to surf which she learned how to do while on vacation in Hawaii. She loves to surf in Huntington Beach and Manhattan.

After a while somehow Michelle and I started talking about a cute guy she sees regularly at the gym. She thinks he’s really cute and he’s tall, has a trim build, and is of Japanese and Caucasian racial background. She had this to say, “I don’t know why he acknowledges my existence at 8:30 in the morning when I have no make-up and just rolled out of bed.” Words to live by.image (5)http://imichellemorte.wordpress.com/


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