Week 6 – Activity – French Girls

This week in Art 110 we were instructed to get an app called French Girls. This app allows you to post pictures of yourself for the purpose of getting another person to draw your picture. You, in turn, get the chance to draw the pictures of others. I was excited about this app because I had wanted to get it, but kept forgetting to download it. I spent a very long time trying to find pictures that I wanted to draw. I didn’t like most of the pictures that people had taken. But there were certain ones that just inspired me immediately. I tried to make my drawings playful and imaginative. I had little interest in drawing the pictures exactly as they were given to me. For one picture, the girl shown was upside down (or at least her phone was) and I thought it would be fun if i put her in space. For another, I chose it because the photographer had just left so much empty space to play with. I tried to show that he seemed he was thinking of more than just taking a picture. He seemed like he would be a nice guy. haha

image image (2)


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