Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Sam Gold

This week in Art 110 I interviewed fellow classmate Sam Gold. Sam is a freshman student at CSULB. In his spare time, Sam enjoys swimming. He used to swim on his high school team, however since coming to CSULB, he’s found it difficult to keep up with his athletics due to his bust school schedule. This has been difficult for him because while on the swim team, he kept an intense work-out schedule and now he will go days without having time to get to the gym. Although I’m not particularly fond of the gym, I can see why this would be hard considering how important health is to him. When not swimming, Sam likes to take part in some photography. Although he only uses his phone, he enjoys this creative outlet and it seemed important to him. In addition to just phone shots, Sam has a general love of technology. He says he loves keeping up-to-date on the new gadgets that are always coming out.

Sam is currently a pre-marketing major here at The Beach. He keeps busy between his school work, membership in the American Marketing Association, and pledging for a frat (which he claims is about the work-load of a 4 unit class). Sam needs to keep a busy schedule since he has some pretty sizable goals in the future. One day it is Sam’s dream to work his way up in a large company to the position of Director of Marketing (and when he says “large company” he means like Disney or Apple big!). I think he’s got a great dream and he’s particularly well-off considering he’s only starting his journey there.

image (7)http://samuelgold.com/


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