Week 9 – Corinne Sampson – Classmate Interview

Corinne is from Santa Cruz California. She moved to Long Beach to attend CSULB and is in her Junior year as a Dance Science Major. Corrine and I had a past connection before Art 110, though I wouldn’t have called it a “friendship” yet. We had taken music appreciation together in the previous semester but sat miles away from each other almost every single day. Oddly enough, we were both in the class with our best friends and just a few feet away. Theoretically we could have became friends even then but we did not actually get introduced until this year in Art 110. This was of course through our talkative friend Michelle Morte.
Once I sat down to meet Corinne, I had a great time getting to know her. She is a Dance Science major (i didn’t know what that was until she told me either). She explained that a dance science major was kind of a marriage between dance and Kinesiology majors that prepared the student to seek employment in a physical therapist career working with dancers. Corinne had always enjoyed helping others, dancing, and science so a dance science major was very fitting for her.

Corinne has been dancing since she was around 4 or 5 years old but also had begun learning to play violin and piano when she was younger. Though she also learned to play the ukulele down the road, dance was the passion that stuck with her the most.

Travel has always been a huge part of Corinne’s life since her parents took every chance they had to take trips with their family. When I asked her about her favorite place she has visited, Corinne ran through a few options until finally coming to Cinque Terre, Italy as her favorite. She described the city as a welcoming, small, quiet community where one could swim in the Mediterranean during the day and enjoy a glass of wine with loved ones at night. I asked if she would ever move there and though she had no plans to, she said she would love to one day.



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