Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Rachel Peng

Rachel Peng is awesome. I had a fun time talking with her this week outside of the galleries. She is a first-year student here at CSULB. Rachel comes from Garden Grove California and is a Pre-Nursing Major. I know the pains of being a pre-anything at CSULB so my heart went out to her on this matter. She told me that she was interested in the nursing major because she had always wanted to have a career where she could help people and enjoy science at the same time. The medical field obviously had strong pull for her.

When not at school, Rachel enjoys just kind of hanging out at home being sure to nap often. This is however when she is not volunteering at her church (which apparently she does quite often. How cool!). Rachel teaches a confirmation class at her church preparing young Catholics to take the final sacrament of initiation into the Church. This involves further in depth study about the religion and what it means to be a catholic. Although Rachel said she didn’t consider herself to be “very” religious, she did say she was most-definitely a strong devout Catholic. I personally thought this was very cool of Rachel because I have a great respect for religious people. Most of my family is made up of very devout Christians (me being the only one to outwardly not Christian), and I admire the dedication it takes to be an involved member of the church.

I had a wonderful time getting to know Rachel and hope to see her around class more often.


image (10)

Here’s Rachel looking unsure next to the art piece involving a live beetle (she’s not a fan of bugs!)


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