Week 11 – Gallery Visit – Ethos

image (12)

This piece in the gallery left a very positive impression on me. I found that I had an emotional connection with it. I unfortunately was not provided with much information about the piece, but when I saw it that day, I connected it with my own meaning.

Before entering the gallery, I had had a fantastic day. I had woken up on time, had no real problems getting to my early classes, and the gallery visit was nice. I unfortunately did not like too many of the pieces from the artists. Although I thought the other pieces were well-done and skillful, none really stuck-out to me. Luckily when I entered the gallery that did not have an artist (also missing a crowd of classmates mobbing them with the same questions), I found this painting. It was simple and I only glanced past it at first while trying to see if there were any paintings that really commanded my attention. As I surveyed the room, I noticed that my attention would always come by to this painting. Like water rushing to the drain, this painting always seemed to end my thoughts about the other works. I would form my opinion of each, then at the end always look back and think “but that one there is different…”

Naturally I came back to this painting and began trying to figure out why it made such a strong impression on me. The only reason I can see in it is that it looked like how I was feeling that day. A kind of crazy, and random happiness that found me in an odd time. I thought this painting looked like a storm of colors and emotions swirling around a heart. I thought that was an accurate depiction of happiness. When I feel happy, it feels like my insides are covered in something warm and moving (almost like wind), so the beautiful mix of colors on the canvas spoke to me.


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