Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Diana Martinez

This week, I interviewed fellow classmate Diana Martinez. What a fun girl! Diana is a freshman at CSULB (which personally came as a shock. She has her shit waaaaay too put-together to be a freshman! But there ya go.). Currently, Diana is majoring in Marketing. Diana chose this major due to a mix of wanting to do something that she could involve in film, and wanting to reach a comfortable lifestyle one day. Diana passed up just being a film major (though she has some experience due to her personal blog) because she saw little future in being a film major. Not to denounce the film majors, but it is a hard path to choose.

Diana is most known in our class for being the reigning queen of the list of Top 10 scores in class. When I first saw that she was consistently in this spot I thought what I’m sure too many people thought… “What a try-hard!” but luckily I know better now. Diana wasn’t trying to suck-up; she is actually just really good at this. Diana, in her spare time, runs her own personal blog. I asked about how she started this.

Diana had always done projects with her friends in high school. She loved doing things like photo-shoots of her friends, short films, school projects, or really whatever she wanted to do. I was able to relate a lot to Diana. The reasons she did these projects were many of the same reasons I began to play music. I also found her pull to being an artist (which she never actually said herself) was very impressive. She began making art and expressing herself creatively without even really thinking about it. At some point she realized she should try sharing some of these projects and that’s where the blog finally came in. Ever since, she has kept-up with her blog and has built a very impressive one.

This is Diana’s website link for Art 110:


This is a separate blog she made with her best friend:


image (13)


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