Week 12 – Activity Feedback

Hello! This is some of my feedback from the activities I have done this semester in Art 110.


Week 2 – Instagram:

I really liked this activity. It was easy, it was very relevant to us, and it gave us a chance to both share what we’re like, and look into the lives of our new classmates. On top of it all, Instagram is a medium most of us are pretty familiar with and it was easy to make the pictures look just how we wanted.

Week 7 – Painting:

This was a pretty widely-loved project. I made the right choice in driving out to Venice to do my painting because it made it SO much more fun. Either way, if I had stayed at home and done the project, I think I would have had a lot of fun too. It gave me a good chance to express myself, it introduced me to a fun new medium of art, and well honestly…it just felt so dam cool. There’s something to be said about the feeling of painting on a wall. It’s something we’re really never aloud to do so being able to do it all you want is just a real liberating experience.

Week 10 – Landscape:

This project was fun and easy. I also think was very good timing for it because it happened so close to Halloween. It was not very difficult to shine on this project either. If you wanted to really make a great picture, you just needed to be a bit creative.


Week 6 – Drawing:

I was really sad about this one. When I had originally seen that we had a drawing activity, I was pretty excited. However, when the time came and i found out what the activity was I was pretty disappointed. Although it was fun using the French Girls app to draw others, I was immediately unmotivated when I saw what I got back. All the drawings were pretty bad and it just zapped out any excitement I had for the project. I think it would have been better to take the time to have us actually draw with pencil and paper.

Week 9 – Vlog:

This one was a bit more personal. I don’t particularly like being on camera just talking. That on it’s own was not enough to deter me however. What I really didn’t like about the project was that I don’t like the idea of Vlogging. I really felt little motivation to pursue it, especially after seeing the sample video that was shown in class.


I was unable to come up with another activity to put on the list. I actually enjoyed, or at very least, saw the purpose in each of the other activities. Think the other ones should stay and contributed to my learning in this class.


This class was actually very fun for me. I like having a chance to express myself and take-part in the experiences of the year. It also gave me a chance to meet others in the class which was nice. I did not like some parts of it though. Personally I thought the classmate interviews were more of a nuisance than anything. Although I enjoyed many of them, I really dreaded some of them. I only really liked the interviews where I was able to have a genuine conversation with my classmate (this however was not the majority). I think this could be improved by knowing a bit more about everyone in the class and maybe signing up to interview someone in advance. This could be done based on common interests that we submit.

I also was not a huge fan of the way the artist interviews worked. I didn’t like that we had to approach the artist all in the span of this hour. I think it was the wrong thing to focus on. Rather than looking at the art, I saw many people just asking the same questions and trying to get through it. That must have been a huge bother and annoyance to the artist who really put their heart into this work to be asked “so how long have you been painting?” and “what was your inspiration for these pieces?” a hundred times over. I would have much preferred in the focus of our post was on the piece that we liked most. This way, we would only have to come to the artist when we genuinely had further interest to do so. It happened too many times where I finally had a chance to talk to the artist and they seemed like they were in a bad mood already. I could tell they just didn’t want to deal with another person’s “cookie-cutter” questions and no matter how genuine my interest was, they wouldn’t really be engaged in answering.

As a whole I did enjoy this class, and I hope my notes here will help make an even better experience for future semesters of Art 110.


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