Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

This week I was instructed to make a video teaching something. I decided to teach how to play a record. The recording process was rough as I did not have a good way of holding the phone while i recorded. Overall I think the video came out ok, though I know it could have been better. I covered the basic steps of handling and playing a record which apply to most types of turn tables. I found this activity to be fun and not too difficult.

For this tutorial I chose the record ‘In the Court of The Crimson King’ by King Crimson. This album is very special to me as it was a gift from my best friend. In addition to that, I just really enjoy listening to the album. It is filled with songs that are masterfully written, played, and recorded.

I have collected records for many years now and have a collection quickly approaching 200+. I love each of my records and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other serious collectors or those just trying to casually pick-up record collecting as a hobby.

King Crimson 1 King Crimson 2 King Crimson 3


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