Week 13 – Gallery Visit

This week at the CSULB art galleries I was very moved and connected to a particular gallery focusing on the metal work of artist Brittnee Forline. This gallery showed various metal works, but was made up mostly of jewelry. What really drew me into the pieces was just how finely made each piece was. I really also like the fact that it was jewelry. I feel jewelry too often is disregarded as an art-form because it has become so common and the production of it is so manufactured now. This was really a bringing back of jewelry as an pure art form that really meant something.

The purpose of these pieces was to convey a longing for stability. The artist often felt a fear of ending parts of a journey. This fear comes from an unwillingness to change. I think this fear is a very common one that most people can relate to. I also think this theme is very relevant to our current culture. There is a strong trend in my age group of hanging onto the past. It is so common-place now to see memes or commercials using cartoon characters from our childhood coming all the time. This sense of nostalgia has its good and bad points but I think over all, is rooted in a resistance to change and moving on to new parts of the life journey. I think the art at this gallery has relevance to this issue because it embodies the fears of the generation. One art piece literally puts characters from the Legend of Zelda video game (hugely popular in the current nostalgia society) into a necklace. I think the piece really drives this point home.

Over-all I really enjoyed the work. It was so well done, and really connected to me because I feel the same hesitation to change and endings that the artist did.

Metal Work 2 Metal Work 3 Metal work



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