Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Minerva Madrigal


This week I had a chance to meet Minerva from my Art 110 class. I had noticed Minerva before in class; often noting her varied band shirts and the patches of her denim vest. This was a good conversation-starter because we had a lot in common musically.

Minerva is a Sophomore at CSULB and she is studying Sociology. She is from Long Beach and loves music and art. I thought this was pretty cool because I am also a huge fan of both. Minerva loves to draw and I really like her work. Her drawings that I’ve seen range from psychedelic, to punk art, to portraits, and many more. I showed Minerva a few of my own drawings I had worked on that week which paled in comparison to hers (looked like she had been drawing much longer than I have haha), but she said she liked them which was at very least polite so that was nice.

We got to talking to musical interests eventually which was a fun topic for me because (like me) she had a hard time when asked “what kind of music do you like?” This happens to me too because we never know where to start! I found out right-off-the-bat that Minerva likes Reggae music because I happened to wear my favorite Bob Marley shirt that day and got a nice compliment from her. She went on to mention Indie music, hardcore, punk, and lots of classic rock. She elaborated a bit more when i mentioned I was in a Psychedelic rock band.

It was a lot of fun meeting Minerva. We didn’t get to talk for too long since she had to leave early, but I had a great time meeting her and hope we talk again soon. It seems too rare at CSULB that I would find a person I would like to run into at a concert, but Minerva was definitely one.

Check out Minerva’s cool art blog page here:



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