Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Marie Rivas

I had a great time this week at the art galleries getting to know Marie Rivas. Marie is  3rd year student at CSULB. This was one of my favorite interviews with a classmate. Marie was fun and engaging during our talk. My general impression from her is actually that even though we are very different in our interests and goals, we actually get along pretty well. It seemed our commonalities didn’t come from what we like to do, but more in the way we thought and how we approach our goals.

Marie is a very school-oriented person. She puts a great deal of effort into doing well in her classes. She is studying bio-chemistry at Long Beach and she plans to one day go into a career in research. More specifically however, she would like to do research on infectious diseases. Marie and I had an interesting conversation about how much effort she puts into school. She was surprised at the low level of motivation I had when talking about my studies at Long Beach. Especially when I explained that my grades were still pretty high for the most part. She told me she dedicates most of her time to school in order to achieve the grades she does. It is not easy for her to do as well as she does. Even though I did not share her intense motivation for school work, I did related to her on that level. Music has always been my passion, and unfortunately I was never one of those musicians who just “gets it” when they start in music. I always had to struggle and work harder than my peers; usually to achieve less. When I told this to Marie, we laughed and realized we weren’t so different.

We then moved on to a long discussion of television shows we like (she’s all about House; I’m a Sons of Anarchy kind of guy by the way). After recommending each other several new shows, we took our picture together and said our goodbyes. I would love to get to know Marie more soon and develop our friendship.

Check out Marie’s page here!:




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